Recommended Reading (in progress)

Manic-Depressive Illness: Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent Depression, 2nd Edition Kay Redfield Jamison

I have read this book several times. I learned a great deal from this book. It helped me understand the manic depressive side of my illness. In the 1990’s, it facilitated self diagnosis. Self diagnosis is a tricky thing- in my case it led to a distrust of the agency psychiatrist who did accept self-diagnosis. For example, my psychiatrist stated he did not believe in mixed states. This made me distrust my psychiatrist. However, in the long run, the same psychiatrist eventually confirmed many of my self-diagnoses. I didn’t understand the more technical material.

PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums, Judy Weiser

In progress

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, Mark Haddon

When I was younger, I searched for literature that described the way I experienced reality. This is one of the few books I encountered that described the way I think- especially the protagonist’s response to social interactions. Written from the perspective of an autistic boy.

Photo Art Therapy: A Jungian Perspective, Jerry L. Fryrear

In progress




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