Ghosts deals with altered perception, fading memory and loss. The milky white foggy quality of the images replicates the way psychosis, stress or anxiety can sometimes alter my visual perception of the world. I first encountered this milky white alteration in the early 1970’s when I took MDMA. Some of the images are drawn from Visual Diary June 3rd. The loss of detail in these images from June 3rd is analogous to the loss of detail as my memories of June 3rd fade away. Several images appear to emanate light. These images are close visual approximations of a light I experienced during several psychotic breaks. Unfortunately, the photographs are unable to display the over powering beauty, unconditional love, sadness and judgement associated with the light that formed the central experience of these psychotic breaks.

Ghosts opens with an image of part of a “ghost bike.” Ghost bikes are memorials to bicyclists who have been killed while on the street.  The image has special meaning for me because Daniel Boone’s Cycles was part of my adolescence.




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